How can I find the best SEO service provider?

Choose carefully when it comes to SEO companies. As a new business entrepreneur, you have most certainly invested your hard earned money to create a great website, signage for your storefront, stock for your shelves or tools and equipment to provide service if you are in the trades. Now is not the time to cut back on the most important way to gain new customers.

Here is a list to consider using when interviewing SEO companies.

  1. Are they a full time SEO provider (many are part-time). Part timers will not be able to devote the time needed to give your campaign the time it deserves.
  2. They should be an established company, with a portfolio of past work that you can see.
  3. They should have a defined process that lays out their approach to SEO.
  4. They need to be big enough to serve your needs. Google tracks over 200 criteria when assessing your website. This is not easily undertaken by a team of 1 or 2.
  5. They should have an inhouse Web Developer, SEO writers, Link builders, Graphic designers.
  6. They should be fully transparent with respect to the work they will be doing, and the time it takes to get great results.
  7. Guarantees. If an SEO guarantees you ranking, move on. You are not being told the truth. Google adjusts their algorithms daily. No SEO company can make blanket guarantee statements.
  8. Reviews. Check their references. Ask the hard questions and be satisfied with the answers.
  9. Really work at seeing how they operate as a company. You should choose a team that you feel you can work with.

Good Luck in your search!

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