Why SEO is important for your web site?

You open Google and type in ‘How to clean white sneakers?’

What do you expect in the search results?

E-commerce websites showing you a variety of white sneakers?


You expect some steps to clean your dirty old shoes.

Someone must have written the steps to clean white sneakers in a way that Google immediately recognizes and shows it in top search results.

That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO is optimizing your website in such a way that it appears at or near the top in organic search results.

Even this answer I am writing will be indexed in Google and will be shown in the early search results if it’s highly relevant to this question.

Copy this question and see where it’s present in search results.

I searched and found this Quora question in top 10 search results.

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SEO is an inseparable part of the marketing strategy for the online presence of any business.

Following are some unique roles SEO play for your website:

  • To make your website visible to users

In a study by Ahrefs, it was found that 90.63% of websites receive no organic search traffic.

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