I will be facebook ads campaign manager to run fb ads campaign


Hello Buyer!

>>>Are you doubtful because you’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook ads Campaigns but got no results? 

If you want more sales & profit, I’m here to help. I think You didn’t get professional assistance in optimizing your FB ads campaign. Apply the latest strategies to explode your sales with a Facebook ads campaign, Instagram ads for your business. I will be your FB ads manager.

I’ll help you with:

  ☑ Start the right campaign based on your goals.

  ☑ Selecting the targeted audiences  by demographics, interests & behaviors

  ☑ Create different ad angles for better resonance with viewers to increase conversions.

  ☑ Optimize old campaigns & remove bad-performing Facebook ads campaigns.

  ☑ Keep advertising costs low while getting the best results.

  ☑ Precise Re-Targeting & Lookalike Audience.

  ☑ Facebook CBO strategies, Split test & more.

  ☑ Set up Pixel for FB ads campaign,

  ☑ Setup Bid cost for FB ads campaign,

  ☑ Manual Ad Placement for Facebook ads Campaign.

✔ Note:

The buyer must pay the FB ads Campaign cost. I can confirm traffic but conversion/sell depends on the audience’s mind, product/service.

Have any questions feel free and inbox me. 

Thank You.


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